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Step By Step Guide To How To Appeal Your Amazon Suspension

If your Amazon account has been suspended, then this article is the perfect guide to help you to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. Follow the instructions carefully and step by step to get the best result possible.

1.  Detect the Reason for Your Suspension

In order to identify the main causes of an Amazon account suspension, let’s first define the causes and then work on removals. Below, we’ve listed the main reasons behind an Amazon account suspension.

A. Check The Seller Policies

Read all the seller policies and guidelines. Amazon only gives you a one-line statement of being suspended, so it’s your responsibility to check in details and read more about their policies terms. Try to figure out how, when, why questions to get your answer. If you’ve no time and to sure about the main reason then you can directly send an amazon suspension appeal.

B. Issues In Seller Performance

Amazon is strictly concerned about sales analysis and sets some rules for sellers. Amazon uses these rules as performance measurements and checks the eligibility of a seller. These conditions are:

  • Place an order defect ratio: <1%
  • Pre-fulfillment estimate: <2.5%
  • Delayed shipment estimate: <4%

If you’re business or sales don’t react at this level or conditions then you may face an Amazon account suspended.

C. Poor Customer Services

Customer Satisfaction and 5 rated reviews are the priority of amazon. If a seller gets a poor rating, bad communications then you may face suspension.

D. Delay Orders And In Correct Inventory Records

Delaying in pre-orders and inappropriate inventory records are some points to get a suspension note from Amazon. You have to be aware of Cancel an order, delay delivery problems.

2.  Plan The Action You Want To Take

After detecting your problem, the next step is taking action and create a plan to remove your account from suspension.

A. A Brief Introduction

A brief introduction and detailed application help you to get back your account. Amazon carefully read all the information and proofs and may agree to review your account. You can ass your business name and reason of account suspension in the appeal application.

B. Description Of Related Issues

In the description, you have to mention all the important points and corrections. This will add valuable information and confidence to your application.

C. Take Some Actions

You can add and mentioned some actions that take by your team and ended up with a clear summary.

3.  Send An E-Mail To Amazon

After writing your application, send this mail to amazon and wait for their response. Amazon provides an amazon suspension appeal section to directly send a mail and request for a review. You can provide your information, address a phone number.  After sending an appealing request you have to wait for few days.

4. Amazon Responds To Your Request

You will get a response in 48 hours via email. and sometimes it takes time. You have to keep patient.


Hope you’ll get all the information and an easy solution to your problem. good luck!!

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