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4 Floral Arrangements That Says “I Love You” in Different Ways

“I love you” is universal, but sending flowers with hidden messages is something that only lovers can do.

Sending flowers with hidden messages can be as creative as you want it to be. You can send flowers with the secret news written on the petals or the stems of the flowers. This can make your partner smile. Of course, with the message hidden, you have to find a florist who is creative enough to make the flowers look attractive and, at the same time, hide the message.

A bunch of flowers is an instant mood changer. A bouquet can brighten your day and the recipient’s day when they are received.

Flowers are a gift of nature, so every flower has different meanings. The bouquet of red roses has long symbolized passion and love, while the fragrant daisy traditionally indicates innocence and purity. Yet, many other flowers embody more subtle, personal messages of love.

Whether it’s the calm, regal-looking carnation or the simple elegance of the daffodil you wish to communicate with these six stunning flower arrangements, there are many ways to say “I love you!”

A pink package of roses

Roses are the flowers of romance. Send a beautiful arrangement of fresh roses, the best symbol of your affection to express your inner romantic.

Roses always say “I Love You,” no matter what the occasion is. They come in different colors and sizes. You have a wide range of options for choosing roses, so pick the one that you feel expresses your emotion most.

An arrangement made of peonies, roses, and white lilies

In terms of happiness and making someone feel loved, a floral arrangement has a unique role to play. An array of white lilies can symbolize a loving relationship, while a bright, colorful bouquet can convey cheerful and carefree. Even powerful emotions such as “I am sorry” can come out clear with yellow flowers. Why is this arrangement made of peonies, roses, and white lilies? It’s an excellent choice for showing someone that you’re not only sorry but also want to apologize again.


A white bouquet, with small orange flowers, jasmine, gypsum, or roses

A white Bouquet having small orange flowers, jasmine, gypsum, or roses is a perfect gift of presenting your love. If any person of your friends or family is worried about some thinking sessions or has been worried about some crucial decisions lately, then it could be the best time to give them a gift. All these flowers have a different meaning but can’t express love better than this bunch of flowers. Just try to select the flowers that fit the personality of an individual.

Exclusive basket of Poppies, Red Roses and lily of the valley

Promising a surge of graceful elegance, this stunning bouquet will come to life in a way that’s pleasing to both the eyes and heart. When you can’t be there to show your love for a special someone, these flowers are sure to have your loved one feeling your presence from miles away.

This gift is sure to touch their heart, so you can trust it to be the perfect present every time. The gift of flowers can convey your love and affection to a particular person even when you’re far away from them. Sending same-day florist delivery is vital and Moyses stevens is one of your best bets.

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