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Important Information to Help You Give Up Smoking

Many people use the start of a new year to make a resolution and make a significant change in their lifestyle. A popular new year’s resolution is to try to give up smoking which is a challenging and difficult process. We may some ways from new year but its not too late. You maybe already be aware of some forms of nicotine replacement therapy, such as the patches that are applied to the skin or the various gums or sprays, but this short piece will aim to give some valuable information about another form of nicotine replacement which is the medium of vaping.

The Vaping Basics

Vaping has a number of entry-level devices suitable for different budgets; at the outset, you might be confused by the many various terms relating to vaping. Use the helpful guides that are available on the websites of most good vaping suppliers. There are many different types of vaping devices, including the humble disposable vape pens, which are simple, easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and successfully recreate the sensations of smoking cigarettes.

Enter The Vaping World

The disposable vape pen is perfect for the new vaper; it is pre-filled with e-liquid and is a non-rechargeable device. They have an output of between four to five hundred puffs, which is around two full packets of normal cigarettes. The simple and easy-to-use designs use a power-to-inhale button to deliver a sensation that mimics the drawing on a cigarette; they contain everything needed to start vaping. They are sold in a huge range of different flavoured e-liquids for the new non-smoker to try.

What Are the Best Disposables?

There are many excellent types of disposable vapes on the market, but devices consistently well-reviewed are vape pens from both Geek Bar and Elf Bar. Both offer a superb puff count and an incredible range of flavours, so it comes down to your own personal choice. All disposables are relatively cheap at around five or six pounds per device; for a person smoking twenty cigarettes a day, it works out to around three to four per week. This means an immediate cost saving is an additional benefit on top of the obvious relief to your health.

Moving On to A Different Vape

The initial saving when switching to a disposable vape is very welcome, but using multiple disposables is not the most cost-effective way of vaping in the long term. If you find vaping is to your liking, the next step is to progress to a more advanced device. They are generally referred to as a starter kit. This will normally be an all-in-one vape machine with an internal rechargeable battery and a refillable tank in which you can change your e-liquid flavour as often as you like. Excellent examples of this type of vape device are Innokin’s Endura and Aspire’s PockeX; both take you to a more advanced level. From here, you have access to both the massive choice of available flavours and a gateway to other more advanced vaping devices.

The cost of tobacco will continue to spiral upward, so maybe it’s time for you to make a change. Find your local vaping supplier and see what they can offer you.

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