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Explore a Good Email Hosting Service that Can Benefit Your Business

Communication in business is vital that most of the information related to it is shared more through email than any other means like social media tools and mobile phones. The number of email users across the world is 4 billion according to a study conducted in 2020. It is estimated to grow further to reach 4.6 billion users by 2025, which means there will be 376 billion emails every day.

Businesses use email as a marketing tool for its incredible potential in reaching target customers. For that, they use good email hosting service, which can help them gain better credibility. If you are looking for the best email hosting UK service, you can find several providers offering affordable plans.

You can find these providers in the UK offering the fastest email delivery, security and reliability operating multiple email servers with SD technology. The other benefits they offer are:

  1. Better storage space

When you hire a reliable email hosting provider in the UK, you are offered enough storage space depending on the plan you have chosen. An unlimited email hosting plan offers you unlimited storage, while there are also plans for a startup or small businesses offering 5 GB or 25 GB storage. Moreover, these plans are flexible enough for you to change from one plan to another if you want to increase or decrease the storage space. With the best email hosting UK providers, you can have custom-made storage space per mail box, as well as additional storage space.

  1. Safe and secure webmail access

Having a secure email service provider, you have email servers that perform industry-standard encryption of data. The moment you sign into your email account, the information you send from and to the server is adequately protected through encryption. Some of the best email hosting companies in the UK are known for their email servers equipped with 128-bit encryption, which remain active all through your email session. This ensures that your messages are not intercepted by anyone.

  1. Protect your mail box from spams and viruses

With a reliable email hosting service, you get the latest and most comprehensive algorithms and methods that help scan all attachments and eliminate any spyware executables detected. Moreover, the advanced anti-virus scanners are known to offer complete virus protection through triple layer virus blocking, file-type blocking and decompression of archives. By upgrading to Premium Email Protection, you can have additional protection against phishing schemes, increased security, DoS attack and spoofing.

  1. Safe and secure POP, IMAP and SMTP access

Most businesses prefer email hosting solutions, for they provide secure access to email client through POP, IMAP or SMTP. The whole email traffic from the email client to the email server is encrypted and the login credentials like the username and password are verified.

  1. Increased performance

By choosing the best email hosting UK plans, you can uninterruptedly interact with your customers, clients, suppliers and others related to your business and ensure better productivity and performance.

  1. Continuous customer support

You receive round-the-clock customer support and maximum uptime, which is not available with free email hosting providers.

To avail the above benefits, you have to do some research to find the best email hosting UK service providers which can protect your emails and help your business grow.

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